Artwork Collection

EXPEDIRE 日月不住空画社 is a voyage to explore a new paradigm, celebrating the essence of elegance, subtlety and yin-yang of the traditional aesthetics in Chinese painting. The Artist draws inspiration from colors and subject compositions of uKiyo-e style and contemporary illustration techniques,  breaking away from the accustomed theme of heavily landscape and nature focus of classical Chinese art.

Through various artwork collections, the possibilities of the contemporary Chinese art are reintroduced. Meanwhile, the Artist hopes to present the audiences who accustomed to common notions of Chinese painting traditions with a fresh and new interpretation through the small piece style of the artistic creation.

Nine songs: The Mountain Spirit

Ink and colour on paper 


Nine Song 九歌

I love Chu Ci (《楚辭》), especially Nine Songs. Written by Qu Yuan (屈原), the poet of the Warring States period, Nine Songs is one of the sections in Chu Ci. Although Qu Yuan was not the original writer, he adapted and recreated these folk songs, evolving them as one of the greatest art pieces. Therefore, I put these artistic folk poetries on the painting paper, enabling them to step and dance freely.


Ink and colour on paper


Tam Yatha Nusuyata 如是我聞

Tam Yatha Nusuyata. Once upon a time, the Buddha sojourned in the Jetavana park near Sravast...... Despite the quietude of the Buddha took place over 2,000 years ago, we still have the chance to learn about Buddhism today. Although I am never Ananda the Venerable, this is part of the observation in the journey of studying Buddhism.


Ink and colour on paper


Bits of life 日常

Spring has hardly arrived before it vanishes like the clouds. Through colours and compositions, I paint all these subtle senses and feelings of living onto the paper with precision. Even we will be vanish in 100 years, it may be the traces of our existence.


Ink and colour on paper 


Ghost 鬼

Apart from the subtle feelings in living, book and music are always the painter’s inpiration. Fantasized by the Japanese traditional art and culture (noh 能, woodblock print, ukioy-e, Kaiden (怪談) by Mr. Patrick Lafcadio Hearn (小泉 八雲)), the painters started doing a series of ghost and quirky paintings. “Ghost” is the collection about the adventure in these stories.

Tribute to Morandi 

Ink and colour on paper 


Inkling of the heart 墨縈心跡

Time fleets past. As I stands still in a quiet moment and looks around, I see the hourglass of time sliding from one moment to the next. Spring has hardly arrived before it vanishes like the clouds. In my heart of hearts, I am shrouded in such maze and sorrow that defies reason. While I live in this bustling city, the emotions of my life are drifting light. They dart like ballet steps between light and shadows to the music of rustling leaves in autumn breeze....