STUDIO EXPEDIRE is a voyage to explore the new paradigm of traditional aesthetics in Chinese painting. The artist (Mavis CHAN) draws inspiration from colors and subject compositions of uKiyo-e style and contemporary illustration techniques,  breaking away from the accustomed theme of heavily landscape and nature focus of classical Chinese art. Through various works, the artist hopes to present the audiences who accustomed to common notions of Chinese painting traditions with a fresh and new interpretation.

About the artist

Mavis CHAN (陳海慈) practices different genres of Chinese painting and western painting. She studied drawing and painting through the "master-student" mode at Mr Cheng Tin Hok's (鄭天鶴) studio. It was where she started her endless journey of the exploration of new presentation of Chinese painting. She hopes the audiences would see the Chinese painting is not just landscape, flower & bird or portrait; or even not just made by traditional medium. With the mixture of different cultures, the possibilities of the contemporary Chinese art are reintroduced. Without an absolute answer, her works can be traditional or not traditional; modern or not modern. It is just anything the audiences may perceive - a world without boundary.

Her works have been exhibited in local and international exhibitions. She had her solo exhibitions, Inkling of the heart, in 2014 and Interlude and Contrapunctus in 2017 accordingly.